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imtech design Injection moulding technology for plastics design

Moldflow analysis services for injection moulding.

Mould filling analysis
Mould cooling analysis
Part warpage analysis

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Moldflow Service for
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imtech design operates the full suite of Moldflow programs for injection moulding advice and are able to analyse the smallest medical device to the largest car instrument panel or body panel quickly and efficiently to give you practical advice to real problems.

simulation technology has been around since the early 1980ís and has been well proven over time to aid designers and manufacturers of injection moulded products remove potential problems before the mould tool arrives on the production floor.

The benefit to you!

Faster mould commissioning.

Reliable consistent process.

Easier mould set up.

Optimised design.

"Design for Success"

Moldflow cavity filling analysis services
Cavity filling

Moldflow mold cooling analysis services
Mould cooling

Moldflow shrinkage and warpage analysis services
Part shrinkage & warpage

imtech design has grown with the technology and has provided production / design advice on more than 2,400 moulds in the last 18 years worth millions of Dollars.

Moldflow simulation is compatible with most injection moulding applications, including standard single cavity, multi or family moulds, 2K  - Over-mould and Core Shift problems. Moldflow is also up to date with advances in hot runners both conventional and sequential valve gates or new Dynamic Feed technology.

Our simulation tool kit includes Moldflow MPi - mould filling, cooling, holding phase, part warpage and shrinkage analysis.A simulation highlights most quality problems including: - high fill pressure, short shots, weld lines, gas traps, high gate shear, poor cooling, long cycle times and distortion.

Practical Injection Moulding Solutions

Supported Cad formats include:- Pro Engineer, Unigraphics, Catia, Solidworks, SDRC Ideas, Parasolids, Acis, Step, STL and IGES.

imtech design offer a fixed price - "solution" based
Moldflow analysis service to help you
"Design for Success"

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UK contact details Tel : 44 0 20 8468 1060 Usa contact details Tel : 1 310 564 1755 Australia contact details Tel : 61 3 9723 9917

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