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Mould Cooling analysis. The cooling circuit is often an after-thought, designed to fit in with other aspects of the mould tool, such as ejection and the feed system. However uniform and efficient removal of the heat from the polymer is essential to the end quality of the moulding and cycle time. The cooling system should be given a high priority at the tool design stage.

A mould cooling study provides solutions to questions such as: What is the optimum cooling channel layout for this mould? How long is the cycle time? What will the mould surface temperature range be?


The benefit to you!

Even mould surface temperatures enable you to control the moulding process and minimise distortion and reduce the overall cycle time.

"Design for Success"

mould and cavity model
Mould cavity model

Moving half mould surface temperature profile.
Mould surface temperature
profile - moving half.

Mould cooling analysis.

We add cooling channels and the mould boundary to the cavity model. The cooling analysis predicts the mould surface temperature profile and serves as a critical stage to predicting the dimensional characteristics of the finished moulding.
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Prerequisite Moldflow services Results
  • Mould filling analysis results.
  • Holding phase results if proceeding to shrinkage & warpage analysis.
  • 3D Mould cooling analysis.
  • Mould surface temperature.
  • Optimum cooling circuit design.
  • Simulate hot runners and inserts.
  • Determine Cycle time.
  • Recommendations for optimum cooling and mould efficiency.
  • Cycle time calculation.
  • Mold surface temperature.
  • Cooling water flow rate + inlet temperatures.
  • Safe ejection time.
  • Cooling channel design.

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