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Mould filling analysis
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Mould filling analysis. The filling phase of the injection moulding process greatly affects the quality of the end product.

By utilising filling analysis the processing characteristics of an injection mould can be investigated and optimised at the design stage. Improvements in part quality are achieved by refining gate points, the position of weld lines, eliminating gas traps, balancing pressure drops and reducing stress levels.

A mould filling study provides solutions to questions such as: How does the mould fill? How many injection points? How much pressure? What clamp tonnage machine is required? Is it possible to reduce the wall thickness?


The benefit to you!

Investigating the mould filling characteristics of an injection mould using moldflow simulation technology highlights potential problems before they actually occur. This enables our engineers to develop a practical solution while the mould design proceeds.

"Design for Success"

finite element model - fem - converted frm CAD 3D model
CAD model to FEA model

melt flow front to 30% of fill
Filling pattern to 30%

melt flow front to 60% of fill
Filling pattern to 60%

melt flow front to 90% of fill
Filling pattern to 90%

Complete filling pattern - moldflow simulation
Complete Filling pattern

Mould filling analysis.
We first convert the Cad model into a finite element model which includes all principle detail and thicknesses. A number of practical gate options are analysed to calculate the optimum gate position and feed system requirements. "Click for Cooling analysis"


A Mold Flow simulation highlights most quality problems including :- High fill pressure, Short shots, weld lines, Gas traps, High gate shear, Poor cooling, Long cycle times and Distortion.

imtech design offer a fixed price - "solution" based
Moldflow analysis service to help you
"Design for Success"
"We don't just analyse one option, we keep working until we find a solution." ......keith Hague - Managing Director - Imtech Design


CAD Formats Moldflow services Results
  • IGES Files.
  • Pro-Engineer (.prt).
  • STL files.
  • SDRC Ideas (.prt +.pkg)
  • SolidWorks (.sldprt)
  • Unigraphics (.prt).
  • Catia (.model, .exp)
  • Parasolid (x_t)
  • Step AP203 Filter (.stp).
  • Moldflow format.
  • Paper drawings.
  • Converting CAD models into Moldflow format models ready for analysis.
  • Midplane mesh generation from solid models & STL files.
  • Creating Moldflow models from paper drawings.
  • Moldflow mesh model ready for analysis.
  • PATRAN Neutral file.
  • NASTRAN file.
  • STL file.

Prerequisite Moldflow services Results
  • Finite element mid plane model converted from CAD data or paper drawings.
  • Or dual domain mesh generated from an STL file.
  • 3D flow simulation.
  • Fill time, Injection pressure, temperature analysis.
  • Flow Balancing.
  • Gate and feed system design.
  • Optimising part geometry.
  • Optimising and refining wall thickness.
  • Holding phase.
  • Fibre analysis.
  • Gas injection simulation.
  • Optimum gate location.
  • Optimum filling patterns.
  • Minimum wall thickness.
  • Feed system dimensions.
  • Hot runner & and runner less gating.
  • Clamp tonnage requirements.
  • Weld lines positions.
  • Venting requirements.
  • Fibre orientation.
  • Gas injection - flow patterns.

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