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Shrinkage & warpage analysis. Warpage analysis evaluates the dimensional characteristics of a moulding once ejected from the mould. In addition diagnostic capabilities allow the cause of warpage to be identified, and remedied during the early stages of design.
Warpage analysis is also a very useful tool for investigating practical solutions for existing mouldings that have distortion problems.
A warpage analysis provides answers to questions such as: Will the moulding distort? What design modifications are required to reduce distortion? What level of shrinkage occurs? Will critical dimensions meet our specified tolerance?


The benefit to you!

Shrinkage and warpage
analysis reduces the risk of assembly problems due to inaccurate moulding

"Design for Success"

Deflection - contraction across the molding

Deflection across the X axis

Deflection  - contraction - end to end.

Deflection across the Y axis

Out of plane distortion

Out of plane deflection - Z axis

imtech design offer a fixed price - "solution" based
Moldflow analysis service to help you
"Design for Success"


Prerequisite Moldflow services Results
  • Mould filling, holding phase & cooling analysis results.
  • Fibre orientation results for fibre filled polymers.


  • Predict dimensional stability.
  • Isolate cause of distortion and suggest corrective action.
  • Effect of processing conditions on dimensional stability.
  • Warpage simulation.
  • Isolate cause of warpage.
  • Recommendations to reduce distortion.

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